Spomasz - Decanting centrifuges

Manufactured from solid steel or special alloys, offering higher resistance to wiping, the decanting centrifuges from Spomasz Wronki company are one of the most solid and reliable devices currently available on the market. They are used in dewatering stations, by food processing and petroleum industry as well as in waste management.

Spomasz Wronki Grupa SFPI Sp. z o.o.

Powstańców Wlkp. 23, 64-510 Wronki,
+48 67 254 05 61

Cheap corner sofa beds UK - https://www.dakohome.co.uk/all-furniture/corner-sofas.html

Buy your furniture online and save your time and money while choosing from the most diverse range of items. Visit Dako and find interesting cheap corner sofa beds increasingly popular in the UK. Apart from standard versions, you can also select the upholstery types and colours you want. The choice is all yours.

Dako Furniture

Unit 2 Audley court, IP24 1HT Thetford,
+48 80 008 55 512

Light boxes - www.warmax.co.uk

Lightweight, elegant and attention-grabbing promotional solutions for outdoors or indoors campaign. WARMAX offers quality light boxes which support or become the central element of marketing campaign of company from any industry. Make your visual identity more prominent, effective and advertise your company!

Removals and storage in London

Stop wasting your time and keeping your head busy with all the planning, organising and packing before the move. Hire London removals and storage company and let them all the work. You can trust them with safe packing and transportation and you can get your belongings delivered later on - on the day you select.

Slotted wedge wire screen | http://progress-screens.com/products/industrial_screens/133,slotted_wedge_wire_screens/

Wide choice of sizes and types of slotted wedge wire screens, allows Progress Eco S.A. company to comprehensively answer the needs of a large number of current and potential customers. What is more, every product included in the offer represents the highest quality as well as durability. Visit the website!

Progress Eco

Dobrów 7, 28-142 Tuczępy,
+48 15 864 62 70

Historical European Martial Arts Coalition

In our shop you will find excellent training products that are fully featured and are respected by HEMAC (Historical European Martial Arts Coalition). We guarantee the highest possible quality fencing equipment certified by many of her supporters. The best find out for yourself by visiting our website today.


Gen. Józefa Bema, 87-100 Toruń,
+48 53 486 23 21

House extensions Ireland

Professional and individual approach towards every investment is what makes the building contractors from Dublin one of the best choices for you. They specialise in new builds as well as house extensions in the whole Ireland. Modern technology used and experience in the construction sector allows them to minimise the time and costs of the investment. Check for yourself.

Ashima disc rotor

Quality parts for your bicycle are now available online - at great price. MC Sport is a store offering fantastic Ashima rotors. They have improved even further one of the best braking technology developed by professionals for professionals. The parts are extremely light and yet very durable and efficient.

MC Sport

Jaracza 33/35, 90-259 Łódź,
+48 50 970 67 00


Modern interiors tend to experiment with forms, materials and colours. The London experts have proven time and time again, that staircases have virtually no limits. They design and manufacture, for instance, the most unusual zigzag stairs, which seem to be defying the law of gravity. Check the sample projects on the website!

Metal modern staircases - glass and spiral - bespoke staircases London

Do not settle with traditional, simple and boring ideas of stairs for your home or office. RailingLondon company experts will prepare for you a stunning metal modern staircases on the basis of even the most unusual ideas. They can be combined with glass or quality timber to project any chosen atmosphere.

Contemporary staircases - glass, helical, floating staircase London

Get your ideas of a perfect interior turned into reality by a reliable, experienced professionals from London. The company is created by experts in the area of design, manufacture and installation of contemporary staircases. The projects include glass, floating, helical stairs and several others. You can find the projects on the website.


Want to have a great time in one of the oldest and the most beautiful cities in Poland? Make sure you book the best, inexpensive Krakow apartments available. The website is a great place to start your search. It includes a number of places near the Old Town. Choose the style you enjoy and book the selected flat online!

Krakow For You

Szczepańska 3, 31-006 Kraków,
+48 12 421 48 35

Sheet pile - composite

Construction sector employs the advantages of modern materials in order to create even more durable structures, such as bulkheads, sea walls, retaining walls and several other. Minbud company offers composite sheet piling, which is believed to be one of the best, the most universal solutions of such type.


Mińska 51/53, 05-300 Mińsk Mazowiecki,
+48 25 758 39 42

www.arkatraining.co.uk - SIA course

Find out more about arrest, searching, emergency procedures, civil and criminal act and other areas - start your SIA course as soon as possible. Upon finishing you will be eligible to work as, e.g. door supervisor in licensed premises. Check the details on the website and contact Arka to book the time and date of your training.


Evacuation, spiral and temporary stairs, industrial ladders and balustrades - all manufactured from the best quality steel and protected against corrosion. TLC is a company with years of experienced in the area of architectural metalwork and secondary steel work. They operate in Poland, Sweden and United Kingdom.

Baby travel systems

Solid, comfortable and highly functional prams, perfect for taking your baby for even the longest trips. Baby travel systems is increasingly popular amongst parents, who like to take their child on different trips. They are available in several versions to fit in with aesthetic and functional expectations of parents.

Car interior - Carlex Design upholstery

Make your beloved vehicle even more original, unique and stunning from the aesthetic point of view. Contact Carlex Design company and get your own, unique car interior upholstery made from the highest quality leather. Unique project and perfect finish will surely amaze you too. Check the details and examples of their work on the website.

Carlex Design ™

Bolesława Prusa 10, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała,
Silesian Voivodeship
+48 33 811 95 02

Create your own phone case

Simple, fast, affordable and allowing everyone to design the way their mobile will look like. Telart has prepared a website which allows to create your own phone case with the pictures from the best holidays, your kids and family or any other graphic you want. It is one of the most original birthday gifts you will ever come up with!

Telart Krzysztof Kalicki

41 challis lane, CM7 1 AL BRAINTREE,
+48 99 999 99 99

Laser hair removal London - primabritannia.co.uk

Visit the London clinic and undergo one or several treatments, which will improve your beauty and self-confidence. Prima Britannia offers, amongst other things, laser hair removal, which is constantly growing in popularity. It is fast, simple and lets you deal permanently with this aesthetic issue. Check the details.

London Windows and glass solutions Ltd - uPVC sash windows

A combination of modern technology and one of the most recognizable, Georgian style, results in an exceptional quality of uPVC sash windows offered by the company. They are available in London and several other locations to everyone, who looks for standard or bespoke solutions for their home. Check the pictures.

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